Hard guys have tender skin

Thicker, yet fragile, men’s skin is under severe stress. Shaving and water limestone … We must take care. Our advice to feed, pamper or even rejuvenate.

Talking about facials to a man is a touch to his manhood. Just advise him a little day cream to prevent his skin pulls and grunts fuse.

For them, aftershave lotion and a basic fire-fighting balm is good enough. Yet in terms of beauty times change, and fortunately. “It is not only for the sake of elegance but more to save their skin that they have to take care of it,” explains Isabelle Tran, head of the Guinot Institute. And without poking the pots of their wife, preferably.

Hard guys have tender skin

Basic care

The daily use of the mechanical or electric razor should condition a true cosmetic attitude. However, as a rule, men go faster. “A little hot water to soften the hair, before depositing the foam … for sensitive skin” precise Philippe, 40 years. “Cold water to tighten the pores, after shaving by hand,” says St├ęphane, 33. Between the desiccating soap of some and the after-shave with the alcohol of others, in the end, the epidermis is terribly attacked. And better protect it.

For those who do only the bare minimum, Isabelle recommends to prepare the skin. That is to say? Before shaving, clean gently to soften the hair. Cleansing and purifying gels are perfect. After shaving, rebelote, one pampers his skin to mitigate the razor burn and nourish. “Bringing comfort and flexibility to the skin is not a reflex yet,” says the beautician. It suggests the use of a real moisturizing and soothing balm for more well-being.

Nourish and rejuvenate

Witnessing the aggressions of urban life, the skin of men is also subject to pollution, stress, and the misdeeds of tobacco. Priority therefore to nutrition. The good reflex? A protective shield. Adopting a moisturizer is essential when living in the city. After all, spreading in the mountains or at the sea to protect yourself from the sun has returned to the mores. So why not continue once the holidays are over?

The majority of their skin is fatter than women’s: testosterone produces more sebaceous secretions. The result, little allergy, but more small pimples and a clear tendency to shine. Notice to our Rambo sink that know only water and soap, remember to mattify from time to time. Understand: think of kaolin or sage masks specially formulated for men.

In the end, wear a real little mouth of love is not so difficult: Feed, mattify and … erase. Once in a while during the bathing break, it is not so terrifying and rather pleasant. It is to refine the skin texture and dislodge the subcutaneous hair. And in addition, we avoid razor cuts.

Other common problems that men face include bags under the eyes. Life is rough and their draws, sometimes doubled with “small” suitcases, tell a lot about the rhythm it leads. Why not look at the side of concealer during times of overwork, added to an anti-wrinkle cream? Once is not custom. One message to remember: we play the male but in beauty!

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