Healthy and smooth skin to kiss

More resistant than the woman’s, the skin of the man needs to be hydrated, mechanical shaving weakens the surface hydrolipidic film. First action anti-aging, hydration increases the flexibility of the skin and makes it more enduring to external aggressions.

Healthy and smooth skin to kiss
The skin of men is fatter, thicker, firmer and more elastic than that of their companions, and aging, if it is later, marks the features in depth.

Hydration, the first anti-aging male gesture

Stress, pollution, tobacco, unbalanced meals, lack of sleep, fatigue and passing years leave marks on the skin in the form of dark circles, cloudy complexions, and wrinkles.

Although women have been using cosmetics for millennia, men have not made the habit of protecting themselves and regularly applying care. However, the older the age, the deeper these marks of time are. So, why not offer yourself, as soon as the need arises, care to find a more pleasant face? Current anti-aging products perfectly meet these new male expectations.

New moisturizing care for men

All after-shave products do not necessarily contain moisturizing agents. In general, lotions that refresh do not hydrate, while most creams and balms with soothing properties also nourish the skin.

Some moisturizing products also have soothing properties, but again, this is not mandatory. Proponents of lotions that apply in small slaps will, therefore, think of feeding their skin and addicted to balms and after-shave creams will verify that these products also contain moisturizing agents.

The charm of a bright and sparkling look

The outline of the eye is a fragile area, the skin, finer, is very sensitive. With an average of 15,000 lashes a day and a hectic pace of life, wrinkles deepen and dark circles darken.

If, with maturity, they have a certain charm, which most men prefer to do without, dark circles and pockets, however, nothing sexy. Blurring has become possible thanks to care products for the eye area. They decongest, reactivate the circulation and moisturize the skin of this area, which quickly lights up.

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