How to clean your skin when you are a man?

Facial hygiene is not just for women. Men, too, accumulate during the day impurities due to pollution, secretions of sebum and perspiration, particularly common on their faces.

How to clean your skin when you are a man


Soaps, cleansing milks and exfoliating products, facial cleansing products are real treatments formulated according to your skin type.

Skin cleansing is a small gesture that does a lot to help the skin stay healthy. But if you still have a doubt about the need to clean your skin, spend a wet cotton on the face at the end of the day and you will see the dirt blacken the immaculate whiteness of the cotton. After you change your mind on the issue.

Soaps or toilet milks, your heart swings

Old as the world, the soap leaves the skin clean and purified but its weakness is sometimes aggressive for the thin and fragile skin subject to all kinds of brutality (razor, wind, cold). Its antiseptic and detergent qualities do not always remedy the redness and drying it can sometimes cause. Only overgrown dermatological loaves are used without any risk of irritation.

The milks, on the other hand, while respecting the balance of the skin cleans effectively, provided to rinse well the face with a cotton or water to remove all the impurities.

Regularity: the effectiveness of scrubs

The skin of boys, thicker than that of girls, produces twice as much sebum. As a result, the pores dilate and become clogged. To eliminate impurities and cleanse the skin, the use of scrubs remains the most effective.

Scrubs and other scrubs contain natural particles or polyethylene microbeads which, by slightly abrading the skin, remove dead cells and brighten the complexion. This beauty gesture, which promotes cell renewal, also prevents the hair from growing under the skin.

Against black dots and pimples: do not hesitate, pat yourself

With skin that produces two to three times more sebum and a wider nose, no wonder men have blackheads.

When they flood your nose or a big pimple is in the middle of your face, you need to take emergency measures. The patches are part of it and their immediate results have something to appeal to boys looking for efficiency. They diffuse an asset that is amalgamated with sebum and, once dry, just takes off to remove all impurities. The patches against the buttons have a drying action that allows in a few hours to neutralize them.

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