How to trim and maintain your beard?

A beautiful beard must be provided and neat. And to do this, she asks for regular maintenance. How to trim your beard? How to maintain it? The advice of Sarah Daniel-Hamizi founder of the Barbière de Paris to take care of her beard.

Whether you’re wearing Johnny Depp’s goatee, Jack Gyllenhaal’s beard, or Hugh Laurie’s three-day beard, your beard requires minimal attention.

“The shorter the beard, the more it requires maintenance,” warns Sarah Daniel-Hamizi. But regardless of its length, retouching must be done at least once a week.

How to trim your beard?

how to trim your beard




First, you have to start by drawing the beard. This consists of defining the outline of the lips, the lower neck, the cheekbones with a pair of scissors or a clipper. “This will remove the surplus and air cheekbones,” says the professional. To define outlines on a short beard, simply use a pre-shave oil.


“If there is a lot of hair to remove in particular in the neck, then it will prepare the skin with shaving cream, advises the barber. If you have decided to let your beard grow, this first step of the definition is enough. you want to shorten your beard, arm yourself with a chisel or hoof trimmer and gradually trim the excess. “The scissors are ideal for removing tips.”


“Washing your beard every day is essential, it’s an area that is constantly exposed to food and drinks, and daily shampoo is needed,” says Sarah Daniel-Hamizi. On the product side, there are shampoos for the beard adapted to this type of hair (close to the hair) and to the specificities of the skin, but a classic shampoo for the hair can very well do the trick slips the expert. For Sarah Daniel-Hamizi, the most important thing is to “always rinse the shampoo perfectly, because when it stays in the beard it causes risks of dandruff.”


The brushing will help to give volume to the beard, carve to untie. “Ideally, a comb is used for short beards and a beard brush for long ones.” However, for the gentlemen who do not want to give volume to their beard, Sarah advises rather “to style her with the fingers to contain her.”

How to properly maintain your beard?

To maintain a beautiful beard, it is necessary to equip a minimum. Side tools, scissors, clippers with different hooves, comb and/or brush are essential. Care side, a pre-shave oil to prepare the skin and hair, a shampoo, a serum or a beard oil to deeply nourish the beard and give it a small shiny side can be useful.

And now, you have all the keys to maintain a beautiful healthy and silky beard that will increase your sex appeal.

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